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Aloha from Maui!

I am a whale researcher off Maui, HI and today, thinking it was trash from the storm, picked up your message in a bottle!
It was found at 2:30 pm off Ma’alaea Harbor. I can’t wait to connect and give you more details, once I know this address is still active.
I hope you made your way home safely, my fellow sailor. I am so excited and honored to have found your note. Looking forward to details!
Mahalo nui loa
Wow !! This is amazing!! I thought it was spam for a while, but am pretty sure this is real!  My reaction is summarized in how many exclamation points I have used so far. Also when I think back to this bottle I just feel guilty for putting trash in the ocean, but now I can maybe feel a bit better. I need to look at ocean circulation currents to figure this out!! Thanks for making contact. I really don’t remember what I wrote.
I got your bottle the day before my vacation, so sorry I’ve been a bit out of touch. I am on a work/vacation now in California, then heading up to Seattle to see family for a few days.
Speaking of which, I am guessing by Latitude 42 that you dropped it off somewhere around the Seattle/ Straight of Juan de Fuca area?
All you wrote in the note was your latitude, longitude, date, email address and something like “In the North Pacific, heading home…”  I can give you the exact coordinates of where you were and where I found it once I get home, on February 1st.
I clean up ocean trash for a living (I organize u/w reef clean-ups and coral disease monitoring for the sailing company Trilogy), and trust me this was no trash – what a fun find! Are you a professor at MIT? Were you on a fun trip, or educational sailing cruise? I too am looking forward to hearing details. I have done a trans-pac crossing and thought of dropping a note in a bottle – now I have the distinct honor of finding one.
In fact we have been having such strange stormy weather that last week, fellow crew members found 2 Japanese blown glass balls, which are clearly old and handblown,  a rare find around here! So some currents seem to have shifted things around.
It was also silly that when I got close and someone on our whale watch said, “I think it’s a bottle” I replied “there’s probably a note in it that says ‘Send more wine!'”  Then when I grabbed it and it actually had your note, we all couldn’t believe it! The people on our boat were as eager as I was – sadly we had to break the bottle to get the note out. It was encrusted with barnacle bits, and some gelatenous jellyfish larval looking things… and the note was faded yet intact. One of the guests took a photo of it, I will email them and get it to you.
This really is so neat to be in contact with you.
Warm regards, my oceangoing friend.